The US and Canada have
inactive oil wells…

What if we could convert them to
renewable energy storage?

With Renewell, it’s possible.

The Problem.

Millions of abandoned wells.

There are over 2.6 millions wells in the US and Canada alone that need to be cleaned or plugged.

Environmental hazards.

Many of these wells leak methane and other environmentally harmful pollutants into air and soil.

Costly cleanup.

The cost of cleaning and plugging these wells is prohibitive, and there’s little incentive to do so.

Our Solution.

Uses existing wells.

Our technology repurposes existing wells to convert them into renewable energy storage.

Increase environmental compliance.

By converting the inactive well into a gravity well, we increase environmental compliance

Economic benefit.

Our solution costs less than plugging and abandoning wells and can create long-term revenue for the well owner.

Win. Win. Win.

With our patented process, we’ve found a way to help the environment, store sustainable and renewable energy, and turn an expensive cleanup problem for small and large oil producers into a revenue-generating solution.
Sound too good? We’re already achieving success.

Our Success Partners

Thank you to the people and companies that have helped us get here.

Jane Woodward
David McColl
Naomi Boness
Sami Sultan
Olya Irzuk
DC Palter
Diana Gragg
Kevin Doffing
Evan & Natalie Rowan
Jeff Voncannon
Peixi Yan
Mike Ming
Jordan Conger
Andrew Tidd
Banu Aksoy
Berk Manav
Casey Nguyen
Kirsten Stasio
Nivitha Mavuluri
Sara Borchers
Sarah Bloom
Yuval Tamir
Mark McVay
Mike Rainone
Jeff Macon
Jody Robins
Ken Havlinek
Jeff Wood
Monty Hill
Jon Bonanno
Richard Chuchla
Todd Thompson
Chris Lyons
Ryan Kellogg